A Message from the Co-creators:

During the first Carmageddon in July of 2011, we watched as the entire city was bombarded with apocalyptic messages from the media, telling us not to leave our homes on Carmageddon weekend.

And that’s when something amazing happened, Los Angelenos actually did what Metro and the media asked. But rather than being irritated by Carmageddon weekend, people were pleasantly surprised, even enjoying their staycations. And something of a party atmosphere swept the city!

So when Metro recently announced that there would be another Carmageddon, we saw an amazing opportunity to redefine Carmageddon II as a major art party across Los Angeles… ARTmageddon!

Each week arts patrons across Los Angeles travel miles of freeway over rivers and across canyons in rush hour traffic to experience art at their favorite theaters, galleries and concerts. Carmageddon II is the perfect opportunity to encourage them to leave their cars at home and experience the art created and presented in their own neighborhoods.

So that’s what we did. Less Car. More Art!

- Diana Wyenn & Ezra LeBank


Who Was Behind ARTmageddon?

Hundreds of artists, arts organizations, civic leaders, community partners, and government organizations united to create ARTmageddon. For a list of who these people and organizations are, visit www.artmageddonla.com/thank-you

And at the core of ARTmageddon was the following team of artists and arts advocates living in Los Angeles. Check them out:


Diana Wyenn | Co-Creator & Project Leader


Ezra LeBank | Co-Creator & Project Leader


Amanda Wah | Community Partnerships


Camille Schenkkan | Artist Liaison


Charlene Boehne | Press Relations


Cindy Marie Jenkins | Social Media


Felicity “Fee” Doyle | Social Media


Gregory Coats | Website Developer


Jessica Fleischmann | Graphic Designer


Jim Halloran | Social Media


Lyn Cowan | Artist Liaison


Lynn Hasty Tejada | Press Relations


Marlon Fuentes | Community Partnerships


Tatevik Simonian | Community Partnerships